Just living my life, and making it work!

Before anyone calls CPS or Oprah let me be clear that I do not want to sell my son. It is a joke meant to imply that I have had a tough day with him today. I think it is sad that I have to make such a disclaimer, but I do not feel like being blasted for trying to sell my son on the Internet.

I have a very rambunctious, and inquisitive 3 year old son. People who talk about the terrible twos have never lived with a three year old. Yes, they can communicate better as they’ve acquired more language, and their imagination blooms adding depth to their play. BUT….they learn that they are their own person, and you cannot truly make them do anything. Also that budding imagination, and stronger climbing muscles allows them to get into trouble that is far worse than a two year old tantrum.

We are in a war to see who will be the boss at my house, and today my son won the battle. He cannot leave anything alone! He has a very mechanical mind, and wants to figure out how things work. Add to that a strong will, and a good helping of mischievousness, and you can start to see where this is going. He often waits to start up until I’m nursing, because he knows I’ll be up stairs for a while.

I’ll spare you the details, but in short today he nearly broke my Origami stroller, tried to radiate his baby sister at his dental appointment, threw every toy he has on his bedroom floor, and repeatedly started fights with his big sister!!!! I hope that he gets it together by 4, or I may end up in a mental hospital. He may have won today’s battle, but I am sure to win the war.

PS. Just before bed he came to me all remorseful like saying ” mommy, I’m sorry for messing with the stroller, and pushing the button at the dentist.” it was such a touching moment until he followed up with ” now, do I still have to go to bed early? I said I was sorry.” Really?!?!?!


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