Just living my life, and making it work!

In honor of Mother’s Day I decided to make a list of the things I learned from my mom about boys that I intend to share with my daughters one day.

* Boys are like dogs. Once they pee on a tree they don’t want any other dogs to pee on that tree. This is regardless of weather or not they ever plan on peeing on that tree again.

* Boys may like to run around with fast girls, but they won’t bring one home to their mothers.

* Don’t automatically believe a boy when he tells you how he feels about you. Make him show you.

* if a boy hits you or treats you badly he will do it again.

* Choose your dates wisely as you never know which first date will turn into a marriage.

* if a boy will cheat on his girlfriend with you he’ll cheat on you in the future.

* A boy will not change no matter how much you love them. If they don’t absolutely adore you for who you are and vice versa it is time to move on.

* An aspirin held firmly between the knees is the best form of birth control.

* Be careful who you give your body to as you will leave part of your heart with them. If you get pregnant you will be FOREVER tied with that boy no matter how big of a jerk you think he is later.

* Marriage and parenting are difficult on their own under the best of circumstances. Be careful about adding drama by dating outside your faith.

Some of these things I had to learn for myself through many tears and heart break. Some thankfully I took her word on. But, no matter what temporary high or low I was going through because of a boy my mom was always ready to talk me through it. She stayed up, and we would talk after every date. I hope I can shepherd my girls ( and boys) through the tumultuous “practice” years that we call high school.

Happy Mothers Day!!!


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