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A Mother’s Legacy

Mother’s Day is the most difficult day of the year for me. Yes I have three beautiful children that I love so much. However, all the Hallmark commercials and gift displays are a constant reminder that my own mother isn’t here. In Jan of 2010 she died of complications due to pancreatic cancer. I miss her every day, but God’s grace and the promis of salvation fills the gaping hole in my life.

My mother was a remarkable person, and there are many wonderful things I could say about who she was. One of the things I loved about her, and enjoined most as a kid was she was always crafting. She and her friends would get together, and make the cutest stuff. Sometimes she would let me help, and sometimes we would just sit and talk while I watched her work. She was very creative, and dabbled in everything from ceramics painting to sewing to holiday decoration making. As you can imagine my mom had a ton off supplies and tools laying around.

In an effort to organize her craft stash she bought an old card catalogue. I was with my parents when they happened upon it in the corner of a dusty antique shop. It was one of those times when you don’t know you need something, but once you see it you have to have it. I loved it too. My mom and I also shared a love of organization, and anything you can put other stuff in. This would be the perfect addition to her craft room.

When she died it was one of three things I wanted from her house. You can imagine my heartbreak when I found it in a hundred pieces in a box in the garage. I brought it home on the off chance that I could find someone to restore it. Well long story short it took two years, a couple of awesome friends, many hours, and some cursing, but….. It was finally finished today…..on Mother’s Day. I cannot wait to fill it with my craft stash. Not only because it is really cool, but mostly because it is a symbol of all the wonderful times I spent crafting with my mom. In fact the last time we were together before she got very sick from chemo we spent crafting. We made some adorable spiders for some Halloween gift bags.

I come from a long line of very talented and creative women on both sides. Now it is my turn to be the mom, and I look forward to many years of crafting for and with my kids.