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Hello world!

Well, this is my first post. I have no idea how often I’ll be able to post, or even what exactly I’ll blog about. I have never produced a blog before so please bare with me if I make some mistakes.

I chose “A Magnified Life” as the name for my blog because I look at the world through a magnifier. Even as I am typing this I am using the magnification on my IPad. I have

which is a birth defect that causes me to have very poor vision. In fact, I am considered legally blind. Yes, sometimes it adds challenges to my life, chiefly being unable to drive. However, I truly believe that God made me EXACTLY how he intended me to be, and my life has been immeasurably blessed (magnified if you will) specifically due to my disability.

Probably the most obvious example of this is I met my husband while attending a college prep program the summer after high school. I was there because of my blindness, and nearly 12 years, and three kids later here we are. By the way, all three of our kids inherited my eye condition, and my husband has an unrelated condition that makes him legally blind also. I guess that makes us the five blind mice family.

I guess I just want to share with the world both my blessings, and struggles being VI (visually impaired), and parenting VI children. I know we aren’t the only family facing these issues, and I’m sure we can support and learn from each other. Even if you are fully sighted I hope you’ll follow along. I bet you’ll find that my life is not that much different than yours. We all have our own sack of rocks to carry, mine just happens to be blindness.