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Dear Drivers

Dear Drivers,

I understand that you may not often see me, but I am sometimes there. Not just me, but my three precious children are also there. Be watching out for pedestrians at every intersection. Even if you have turned onto a street 100 times without seeing me I may be crossing that street number 101. When turning, don’t just look down the street for cars, look at the sidewalks for me. If you are leaving a shopping center don’t fiddle with the radio or text someone just before you drive away. In that 60 to 120 seconds it took for you to do that I may have walked myself and my stroller in front of your car not realizing you didn’t see me. I cannot see you inside your car, and there is no way for me to tell if you are looking at me or not. The same also applies to backing out of your driveway or a parking space.

I also understand that you have important things to do, and you may even be running late sometimes. But, if you are turning onto a street I am already crossing please don’t speed up to beat me around the corner. You might misjudge my walking speed, or misjudge the length of the stroller I’m pushing. Is that extra 30 seconds it takes me to cross the street, or even that 3-5 minutes of delay waiting for the light to cycle really worth hitting me or my stroller? I guarantee that if you hit my stroller you’ll be sitting at that intersection a lot longer. If you are turning in a long line of cars don’t just follow the huge SUV in front of you. I may be in the middle of the street crossing towards you. I promise I will get across the street as quickly as possible. I also have many things to do, none of which include holding you up.

It may seem like I am overreacting, but I know many friends that have been hit by a car doing one of the above things. I myself have had to bang on the hoods of cars pulling out that never even saw me. Not to mention that a couple of my regular bus stops have been completely taken out by a drunk driver or an out of control car running from the cops. Just today a car turning left in front of me when I was already in the street came within a foot of the front of my stroller. Please be careful, and watch for pedestrians.

PS. As a pedestrian I promise to never jay walk or jump out between a row of parked cars. I will always take the extra time to walk to the light to cross, and use crosswalks.