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Looking Through The Right Side

Yesterday was one of THOSE days. What for most people would have been a simple trip to the doctor’s turned into a seven hour fiasco. My son had a low vision evaluation at a doctor’s office that according to my Map App was 16 miles away. It would have taken a driver about 35 minutes to drive from my house. It took me 2 hours 20 minutes on the bus. It would have taken me twenty minutes less, but I had never been there before. It took me an extra 20 minutes to find the place, because I cannot see the store signs from the street, and there were several small office buildings in the area. I had to walk up to each one before happening on the right place.

Once I realized I was going to be a little late I called the office. The receptionist told me it was ok, but when I finally found the place the first thing she said was I’d have to reschedule. After threatening not to come back, begging, and admittedly a few tears she worked us in. The low vision evaluation went perfectly. The doctor recommended glasses, a magnifier, and a monocular. A monocular is just like a set of binoculars except you only look through it with one eye, and the magnification is less. It will let him see things in the near distance like the chalkboard.

After a quick trip to the cookie store next door we were headed home. I let my son walk the half mile back to the bus stop as he was about to sit on the bus for nearly two hours. There was one bus transfer, and the timing looked like it was about perfect. We passed the 15 minute wait by eating some snacks, and singing silly songs. When it came closer to the time that the bus should get there I folded the stroller up, and got everything ready. The bus was a few minutes late, and I was starting to worry that I might not make the connection. Suddenly the bus came around the corner, and blew right passed us!!! The next bus wouldn’t be there for another 50 minutes!!! I cannot wait that long because I have to be home when my daughter’s teacher drops her off. I normally would have just put her into aftercare, but it was threatening storms that day. I would have had to possibly walk nearly a mile in the rain home. Uuummmm NO.

Sooo I decided to call a cab. I didn’t have an address so they wouldn’t send a cab. I walked my happy butt down the street until I found an address on a mail box. 45 minutes later the cab calls me to say he cannot find my exact location, and asked for directions. Mind you this is a strange neighborhood that I know nothing about. In fact I’ve been waiting in front of a stranger’s house for almost an hour now! Cute, I know. Sooo I give the driver the intersection where I was waiting for the bus. Thankfully he knows where that is, and I walk my even happier butt back up to where I was ORIGINALLY.

I load us up, and $50 later we are home. Right about now you’re probably thinking it was a really sucky day, and for sure it was very frustrating. However, if you change your perspective it was a pretty good day. First, I spent several hours of travel time giving my undivided attention to my children. We played with flash cards, read books, and played his new LeapPad together. Plus, the clouds above kept us cool without raining. I could have been walking all over creation, and waiting in front of a strange house in the rain. Lastly, for a lot of people I know the $50 cab fair would have come out of the week’s grocery money, or maybe the electric bill. I don’t want to do it anymore than I have to, but we will still have everything we need this month. Oh, and I almost forgot I got a great cookie of it.

The point is life is not always fair, and there are many things that are beyond my control. Often it is all how you look at it. Today when my son looked through the correct end of the monocular things looked bigger, and more clear. If he looked through the wrong end everything looked tiny, and far away. It is the same with our attitude. Sometimes it is easy to see things in a great and clear way. But, sometimes, we just have to be determined to see the good in a situation. The fallowing Bible verse really helps me on days like this one.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV)