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Running from God by Being Intentionally Busy

Last night at a Bible study I admitted to my girl friends that I felt convicted for ignoring my blog. I felt God asking me to share my story through several situations, and He has all but left a Post It note on my desk telling me to. Personal writing is uncomfortable. Letting people in is uncomfortable. What if no one reads it? What if they do, and they don’t’ like it? What if I really have nothing to say? All of these thoughts, and more, have made me feel ill equipped, and so I have ignored writing all together under the auspices of  “I just don’t have time to write.”

My girl friends pointed out that just like Jonah I was running from God’s instructions. Instead of running away physically, I was running by making myself intentionally busy. Instead of letting God fill my time with the things He wanted me to do, I have been filling my time with things like a hair bow designing business, and selling Jamberry nails. See, if I kept busy, I could justify my ignoring writing my blog. It is time to realign my priorities to His, and so here I am, writing the first blog entry in almost a year.

Before I go, I want to ask you to think about the following……..

How have you been running from God? Have you been like me, and filling your time with other stuff, and telling God you are too busy? Or have you overextended yourself financially, and think you don’t have the financial resources to do what He has asked you to do? Or maybe you’ve been putting it off until after a life event such as retirement or children growing up? A friend of mine joked last night that a big whale was going to swallow me whole, and in the bottom of the fish I’d find paper and a typewriter. Sometimes God goes to great lengths to get our attention when we ignore Him, and sometimes He may simply start asking someone else. But, either way, when we don’t do the things God asks us to, we are telling Him we don’t REALLY BELIEVE He is who He says He is, and will do what He says He’ll do.

So what ever it is that you have been ignoring, or putting off, start today. Let’s stand together on the cliff of faith. Ready…..Set…..JUMP!